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Jun 18, 2022
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And other times it ends up having positive consequences in our work life Company email list. That is. It is something positive both for you and for others. When 'others' are your clients. It becomes your dream job. If it fulfills the first part. That's fine. But if it fulfills both. That's when that 'magic' that we all seek is really generated. I've been reading headlines similar to this one published by the economist for years . And i think it's time to reflect on it. To give my opinion on this endless discussion. Why do they say that the purchase funnel is dead? The summary is that they think that the scheme of a process that goes from more to less Company email list. And that shows a succession Company email list of stages. Does not adapt to reality. And that is why they propose new schemes that they believe are better adapted. Such as the one proposed in the post that i was commenting on. Mckinsey funnel proposal mckinsey funnel proposal it has the advantage that it better explains the repetitive process we go through in some purchase decisions. But in my opinion it has more disadvantages than advantages. Let's see which ones. The funnel is not dead. We just have to know how to use it correctly i agree that it is not a sequential process. Our way of making purchasing decisions is not. We move forward and backward through the phases of the funnel. We exit and enter it continuously. But i also believe that neither chart faithfully represents purchasing behavior . If you have read any other post on this blog Company email list. You will know that i am a great defender of the figure of the purchase. Company email list funnel or traditional marketing funnel . I think it explains the purchase decision process very well. And it is also a great support when defining a strategy. In the following image you can see the traditional purchase funnel . With the different means (paid. Owned and earned). With which to define a strategy (the xs in each box). Purchase funnel tristan elosegui but in addition to putting ' x ' to define the main lines of a strategy. We can put objectives. Metrics. Budgets. Compare strategies with our competitors.... As you can see. It is a very useful and flexible scheme. The purchase funnel in detail the phases of the purchase funnel are not separate steps. Nor do they represent a fixed number of phases Company email list.
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