The first festival gathering tempeh enthusiasts over fun, innovative, and tasty experiences around tempeh science, technology, social entrepreneurship, international relations, arts & crafts, and many more.

GASTronomy. Collaborating with the Best Asian Cuisine Winner Chef Ragil's Nusa Gastronomy at his Best Asian Restaurant 2018 Nusa Gastronomy, we will present an exceptional multi-course dining experience that is a manifesto of the cutting-edge ways to serve, present, and complement tempeh as a food. 


FESTival. Curation of tempeh crafts, foods, and technologies from around the world; interest-based group idea incubator; special edition of Tempe Movement’s tempeh-making workshop; inspiring talks on recent international advancements in tempeh; all hosted in an art gallery.

Part of the movement, Tempe Movement Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization